• Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP - Lighted Backpack With Usb Charging System
    Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP
  • Tackle Tek™ Nomad
    Tackle Tek™ Nomad
  • Tackle Tek™ Frontier
    Tackle Tek™ Frontier
  • Tackle Tek™ Rogue
    Tackle Tek™ Rogue
  • Tackle Tek™ Mission
    Tackle Tek™ Mission
  • Tackle Tek™ Recon
    Tackle Tek™ Recon
  • Tackle Tek™ Recon
    Tackle Tek™ Recon
  • Tackle Tek™ Rigger
    Tackle Tek™ Rigger
  • Umbrella Rig Carrier
    Umbrella Rig Carrier
  • Umbrella Rig Cover
    Umbrella Rig Cover
  • Lure Cover
    Lure Cover
  • Plier Holder
    Plier Holder
  • ProLatch™ Small Utility Tray
    Small Utility Tray
  • ProLatch™ Medium Utility Tray
    Medium Utility Tray
  • ProLatch™ Large Utility Tray
    Large Utility Tray
  • Tackle Tek™ Nomad
    Tackle Tek™ Nomad
  • Solar Panel
    Solar Panel


Wild River® Anglers

Submitted by: Dave, May 31, 2012

Dave, Hot Springs AK

Dave, Hot Springs AK

I’ve been relying on CLC’s 30-year tradition for making innovative work gear. But now that they’re making outdoor gear, I’ll be using CLC from the Job site to my favorite fishing holes. The easy and comfortable to carry Tackle Tek™ Frontier bar handle bag has all kinds of storage possibilities and is loaded with cool features.

Submitted by: Ron Jr., May 29, 2012

Ron Jr., Hot Springs AK

Ron Jr., Hot Springs AK

When I was told I had a chance to fish with the new Tackle Tek™ Rogue audio bag over Memorial Day Weekend, I felt like I already had the catch of the weekend! The bag fits a lot of stuff. It’s fast and easy to use. If this sounds great to you, wait till you give this bag a listen. Mr. George Cochran is right; I didn’t think fishing could be any more entertaining!

Submitted by: Steve, May 25, 2012

Steve, Springfield, MO

Steve, Springfield, MO

The Tackle Tek™ Nomad is a versatile backpack from Wild River®; it has some real cool features that keep the things I need handy and dry. The three-stage LED light completely illuminates my work surface and the interior of the bag. This comfortable to wear bag has room enough for all your gear! I don’t know whether I should hold the fish or the bag as my trophy, so I’ll just hold up both.

Submitted by: Steve, May 23, 2012

Steve, Springfield, MO

Steve, Springfield, MO

I’m really excited to get out on the water with the new Wild River® Tackle Tek™ Bags! I’ve had my eye on the Nomad Backpack for quite some time, but 3-time World Bass Champion George Cochran is going to put them all to the real test out here on Lake Ouachita, AK. Get ready for quality, function and innovation all in the same boat, CLC’s going to do this right!

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Fishing Tips from George Cochran presented by Wild River®

Fishing Tips

3-Time World Bass Champion, George Cochran, shares 3 tips that can help you catch more fish. In this segment he talks about fishing along a river bank; what to wear, what tackle to use, and where to cast. Some sage advice from the master himself.

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